suggested changes to the fake profile

Dirk Hohndel dirk at
Fri Jan 3 09:27:32 UTC 2014

I think the new fake profile is very nice IFF there is an average depth
in the entry that we get. But I think it gets a bit of "squirrel on
crack" when there is no average depth:

	 * We want to fake the profile so that the average
	 * depth ends up correct. However, in the absense of
	 * a reasonable average, let's just make something
	 * up. Note that 'avg_d == max_d' is _not_ a reasonable
	 * average.
	if (avg_d < max_d / 10 || avg_d >= max_d) {
		avg_d = (max_d+10000)/3;
		if (avg_d > max_d)
			avg_d = max_d * 2 / 3;
	if (!avg_d)
		avg_d = 1;

What the WHAT?
I didn't realize what that meant for people who used to track just max
depth (as you do with paper logbook and some phone apps). The profiles
look positively ridiculous.

So I think we should change this part of the logic. If no avg_depth is
given we either do a PADI profile (rectangular, or better, rectangular
with reasonable ascent / descent speed) or a somewhat smarter profile
with a 3 min stop at 5m (if the dive was longer than 15 min and deeper
than 10m). And for the people who really feel strongly about this make
it an option (and use the same option to not do a safety stop in the
profile when we add dives manually).

Does this make sense?


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