support for images per dive

Dirk Hohndel dirk at
Mon Jan 6 04:55:10 UTC 2014

On Sun, 2014-01-05 at 17:09 +0200, Lubomir I. Ivanov wrote:
> >
> > A solution might be to store an URI per image. Then the file could be in the
> > local file system for fast access or on the web (flickr, picasa or some
> > other album) and would be available wherever the xml is opened as long as
> > there is internet.
> >
> i like the URI idea a lot, this will support images from anywhere.
> and perhaps this should be our initial goal.

That certainly would be much easier as a first step

What's the vision how these images would be displayed?

A little camera icon (instead of the flag / triangle) and when the user
clicks this the picture is shown in an overlay?

For this to be useful (at least to me) it would have to have the ability
to look at a folder (thinking about local images at this point) or
something similar from a web service and then match image times with
dive times (and if you can't keep your clocks in sync... too bad, go

> over IRC last night there was also a discussion about an 'image pool'
> of sorts per dive.
> the 'image pool' would contain all images and we can maintain them
> with a dialog of sorts add/view/delete/use on profile.
> now the 'use on profile' idea is to have icons on the profile, that
> when perhaps clicked will show the image somewhere.
> we can possibly use EXIF info to gather time and date and place these
> image icons on the profile.
> but if EXIF says this image is before or after the dive, we can still
> have it for this dive, but not on the profile...something in these
> lins.

I don't think I really understand what the image pool does... is this
what I tried to describe above with the folder and the time matching?

I think before we start implementing any of this we really need to
figure out the final vision of what the user experience should be.


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