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> On Sun, 2014-01-05 at 17:09 +0200, Lubomir I. Ivanov wrote:
>> i like the URI idea a lot, this will support images from anywhere.
>> and perhaps this should be our initial goal.

We should just make sure that there is a way to have relative paths (as I might have my pictures in ${HOME}/Dropbox/Images/subsurface” but ${HOME} might depend on which computer I am).
> That certainly would be much easier as a first step
> What's the vision how these images would be displayed?

I see three (non-exclusive) possibilities: As thumbnails in the profile (or the info box when pointing to an image event), as an “all images for this dive” album type window or the the map (as marble supports pixmaps iirc).

> For this to be useful (at least to me) it would have to have the ability
> to look at a folder (thinking about local images at this point) or
> something similar from a web service and then match image times with
> dive times (and if you can't keep your clocks in sync... too bad, go
> away).

Sure. At a later stage we might (as we have for the dives) the possibility to add a time offset to adjust clocks not in sync. For dive computers we have settled on “they are assumed to be always in local time no matter where we are”. Does that hold for cameras as well? BTW an easy way to compute the offset is to take a picture of the computer displaying local time (did this always to sync my camera with my gps recorder dongle, there I took pictures of the live display of gps time).

Which brings me to mention another idea: Use images as sources for GPS coordinates like we use the android helper: Many cameras and pretty much all smart phones record gps coordinates together with time in exif tags. So taking a picture on the boat at the dive site could be a source of coordinates for that dive as well.


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