Dirk Hohndel dirk at hohndel.org
Thu Jan 9 05:37:35 UTC 2014

Since Linus and I will be heading to Christmas Island tomorrow morning
and since I have had rather bad experiences with internet connectivity
on islands that we visit during dive trips... I decided to release 4.0.2
rather quickly tonight.

Fingers crossed that this one fixes more problems than it creates :-)

Tag is pushed, binaries are on the server, announcements are posted to
our website as well as Facebook and Google+

Those of you who are on either FB or G+ -- liking / +1 of the
announcement posts (or resharing them) really helps us reach more
people. So if you don't mind, please help us spread the word (4.0.1 has
a couple of ways to reliably make it crash - 4.0.2 should be quite a
nice improvement).

Thanks as always to everyone who contributed.


PS: this is the first release in a LONG time where the #1 contributor is
a certain "Linus Torvalds"... :-)

$ git shortlog v4.0.1..v4.0.2
Dirk Hohndel (6):
      Parse localized weight units
      Fix Uemis temperature conversion
      Use helper function to display mean depth with correct unit
      Change fake profile behavior
      Prepare for Subsurface 4.0.2 release
      Update translations

Jef Driesen (1):
      Write the event data to the libdivecomputer log.

Linus Torvalds (7):
      Make 'string_to_grams()' use proper type safe types
      const'ify our strtod() helper functions
      Add a string_to_depth() helper function to match our string_to_weight one
      Add unit-aware conversion of pressure data
      Add unit-aware cylinder size string parserc
      Add and use 'string_to_fraction()' helper converter function
      Remove now stale arguments to "CHANGED()" macro

Lubomir I. Ivanov (4):
      Maintab: prevent a segfault in the 'Equipment' tab
      windows.c: Fix possible assert when passing NULL to *open()
      libdivecomputer.c: Try not to pass NULL to fopen()
      DownloadFromDCWidget: prevent possible leaks for log/dump files

Miika Turkia (2):
      Fix typo
      Print numerical value of mean depth

Tomaz Canabrava (2):
      Add CaseInsensitivity to all of the completers.
      Setting dive as 'current' when restoring selection

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