Ghost effect while editing table cells

Patrick Valsecchi patrick at
Thu Jan 9 12:07:54 UTC 2014

On 08. 01. 14 08:05, Patrick Valsecchi wrote:
> I'll investigate and try to come up with a patch.

OK, after investigation, it is indeed the style managed by Ubuntu. In 
qtconfig, I can see it is set to "Desktop Settings". If I change it to 
something else, the ghosting effect when editing a table cell doesn't 
show anymore, but the fonts are ugly as hell.

I tried to reproduce the problem while using kde as desktop and it 
doesn't. It shows only when you use the ubuntu desktop.

I guess it's a good excuse to ditch ubuntu and go back to kubuntu. I 
don't even have the courage to report a bug to ubuntu. It's a shame, 
what they did to their product the last couple of years...


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