no dives are shown in the Dive List

Jun Song jun_song23 at
Sat Jan 25 20:08:40 UTC 2014

Thanks for the reply!

Will try it out, hopefully it works. :)

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Subject: Re: no dives are shown in the Dive List

On Fri, 2014-01-24 at 23:06 -0800, Jun Song wrote:

> Hi, I manage to connect my dive comp to subsurface but after every
> download, my dives will still be empty. 
> Can you help?
> My dive comp is OSTC Mk2 from Heinrichs Weikamp..

If you create a libdivecomputer dump, then no dives will be added to the
dive list.

We have had one other user that couldn't successfully download from his
divecomputer until he manually created one dive in his divelog. 

I can't reproduce this behavior here (Subsurface happily downloads from
my OSTC 2N even when I start from an empty file) but that may be
something worth trying. But please make sure that you do not have the
libdivecomputer dump option set.

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