Dive profile events/colors

Davide DB dbdavide at gmail.com
Mon Jul 14 08:17:05 PDT 2014

Surely has been discussed in the past...

Is there some way that some events could be hidden by default?
Same apply to profile curve colors.

I don't like to see ascent alarms on my profiles. I find them meaningless
especially those at depth: I use a simple bottom timer or a computer in
gauge mode so I would avoid to see them.
Right now I can hide them manually later .
Could we add a checkbox in the preference panel to not calculate them?
I remember that some DC has a different ascent ratio based on depth.

Regarding colours: is it possible to hide descent/ascent speed colour?
Maybe via a preference checkbox?
Personally I find these colours distracting for tech dives and I would like
having a nice drwan profile curve like the optionals on the bottom part.

BTW the multi coloured profile curve seems drawn at lower resolution.

[image: Immagine in linea 1]

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