Show deco stops in planner table

Henrik Brautaset Aronsen subsurface at
Sun Jun 1 05:54:47 PDT 2014

Martin Gysel wrote:
>> Only used gas in the plan is the EAN27.
>> Subsurface dive plan
>> based on GFlow = 30 and GFhigh = 85
>> Transition to 40 m in 2:00 min - runtime 2:00 on EAN27
>> Stay at 40 m for 25:00 min - runtime 27:00 on EAN27
>> Switch gas to (24/24)
>> Transition to 37 m in 0:23 min - runtime 27:23 on (24/24)
> it seems transition times are calculated by distance and speed, which
> obviously is correct from a math point of view but for a diver, all
> times should be rounded to at least half minutes. personally I even tend
> to say lets round to minutes.
> when diving deco on plan, the best thing is to have all stops in memory
> (as a backup, or on a slate as a backup). but it gets really hard to
> remember seconds or half minutes.

Agreed, it really makes sense to force these values to be in whole 
minutes.  At least that's what GUE Deco Planner and Multideco/VPlanner does.

> it would also be nice if the planner output is in table form which
> allows printing to take to depth



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