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Il martedì 10 giugno 2014, Dirk Hohndel <dirk at> ha scritto:

> On Mon, Jun 09, 2014 at 11:24:41PM +0200, roberto forini wrote:
> > 1) still unable to set a location point on the world map
> I can do so and can do so in many different scenarios I try.
> Please file a detailed bug report with the steps to recreate what you are
> seeing.
> > 2) planning a dive i'm able to have a gaschange event using ox at more
> than
> > 6 meters. No warnings about GAS MOD are displayed at all. I know that
> this
> > planning was made for experienced divers... but i think that a warning
> wont
> > kill anybody. A color change in the dive background it is enough to
> warn...
> > :-) easy. A red background will warn you that you did a bullshit. It is
> up
> > to you to find it :-D
> That surprises me. You should get a warning for that. It's not very IN
> YOUR FACE and maybe we should do the whole "paint the dive red" thing, but
> here's what I see if I switch to 100% O₂ too deep (at the end of the dive
> notes - in the window where we normally have the dive list, but also in
> the dive notes once you save the plan):
> Subsurface dive plan
> based on GFlow = 30 and GFhigh = 70
> depth runtime gas
> 15m 1min EAN31
> 15m 40min
>  6m 41min EAN100
>  0m 48min
>   Gas consumption:
>   1991ℓ of EAN31
>   173ℓ of EAN100
>   Warning: high pO2 value 2.50 at 1:00 with gas EAN100 at depth 15.0 m
> So it's there...

Sorry i miss it in the note!!

> > 3) plan a dive. add air and 1 deco gas lets say ean50. Then save and
> close
> > subsurface. Reopen it and load the divelog. remove the gas change event
> > into the dive plot and then try to remove the cylinder. It seems to be
> > removed succesfully but if you save the dive the cylinder will come up
> > again. Infact the cylinder info remain into the xml file.
> Yep, I can reproduce this. Again, filing a bug for this would be really
> useful.

I just sent a ticket for this. I'm not used to bugtrack so tell me if i
made something wrong!!

> > 4) plan a dive. use only air on 15 liters cylinder. save the planned dive
> > and then try to change the start pressure and end pressure. Both
> pressures
> > will be saved into the cylinder list but the plot will not shows the new
> > values.
> Yes, because we create cylinder pressures in the samples, and those
> override what is provided in the equipment table.
> A planned dive really isn't a "normal" dive.
> One could argue that the semantics are wrong and that you should be able
> to overrule what is in the samples. Or that we shouldn't be adding the
> calculated cylinder pressures to the samples (I guess I might even agree
> to that argument). Let me think about this some more.
> Again, a bug report for this one would be useful so it doesn't get lost.

Mmmm... Yes but it could be usefull to manually check rock-bottom or lost
gas event. Anyway not very important right now.

> > 5) SAC info seems correctely displayed even if i'm still trying to
> > understand if value are correct.
> Good ;-)
> > Dirk just solved and pushed a fix for the html manual issue (not
> displayed
> > in the window)
> That one took me way too much trial and error :-(
> > 7) the menu file doesn't show last divelog opened (cronology) anymore. It
> > does only after you open one divelog.
> Can you explain more here? I don't think I understand what you are telling
> us :-/

Tring to send another ticket for this

> > i will try to set an account in bugtrace very soon. sorry... it is very
> > easy for me
> > write an email actually. Anyway i dont need actually a step by step
> answer.
> > Just read this email and check if you have the same behaviour and find a
> > solution if possibile.

> Didn't read this until everything else was written.

Ahahaha sorry... I should put it on top!!! ;-)

> Bug reports and feedback like this are extremely valuable. I usually ask
> people to ALSO report the issues in trac, simply because that makes it
> easy for us to track that we address all the things that our testers find.
> But worst case I can add the tickets myself (I tend to do that if I see
> things reported repeatedly in email).
> Thanks for your help!
> /D
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