My progress in HTML export.

"Paul-Erik Törrönen" poltsi at
Wed Jun 11 01:11:24 PDT 2014

> I am not familiar with the dive profile anyway so I am willing to know
> your feedback and if you have any recommendations. I need to know what
> is the most important curves that we need to sketch in the profile.

Everything? Which is shown in the application graph (the information box
when hovering over the graph).

A couple of other suggestions/questions:

* Add the next/previous on the top of the dive list-box too, this is
useful when you have selected to show 100 dives and want to go
back/forward without scrolling to the bottom of the page

* The ordering seems to be implicit ascending (old->new), if you click on
the number column, nothing happens, only clicking a second time actually
reverses the order. This is probably due to the initial state being
undefined, first time it then sets it to explicit ascend which the list
already is, and the second click is descend (new->old)

* A back-button to the dive list from the show more details-view would be
appreciated :-)

* The graph is currently a inline created png with a size that is quite
odd (eg. 1401x1001, width seems to depend of the dive picked), this is
then resized in the page which makes it look horizontally stretched. Any
possibility making the graph an rescalable one, using eg. Highcharts
( Like this:

FWIW when I exported my whole log (~470 dives), the json-file is ~2MB. I
can only imagine how big it would get when you add all the dive telemetry
as well as the internally calculated values (SAC, PO2, PN2, ...) for each


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