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Davide DB dbdavide at
Sun Jun 15 16:35:34 PDT 2014

I'm a first time user so please don't shoot on the pianist.
Just downloaded again, imported some dives and just RTFM :)

Hereafter some questions and feedback:

- On user manual:

Suit: The type of diving suit used for the dive can be entered here.
As with the other items, auto completion of the suit description is available.

On my computer it's a text field and I don't get auto completion. Is it normal?

- I see that a strong emphasys is given on weight given that is the
only field along tanks on the equipment tab. Actually I find it pretty
useless if not directly related with the suit used. For dry-suit dives
the undergarment used is fundamental for weight records.
When I dive with a Santi BZ400 I add two kg than my usual polartech fleece.
I see that I could fill the suit field with something like "neoprene
5mm" or "TLS350 - Thinsulate 400g" but I think that having a separate
"undergarment" field would be useful to keep track later of different
undergarments used on different location/period/dive suits.
I dive 99% dry-suit on tech dives so undergarment record is paramount.

- I started using the program without checking/saving preferences. At
the beginning I was having 02 graphs completely red while the 02 graph
button was grayed out but working. I put a gas switch on oxygen and PP
was not calculated for it.
After opening the preferences dialog and saving values without
changing anything I got everything working.

- While zooming in/out the profile, I got a default zoom (while
maximizing the window) very very small. I mean that I was able to zoom
out far more than the default. Resizing the window everything came
back normal. I was not able to reproduce it.

- Is it normal that on a Italian system I get the lower logbook table
showing dives date as "Day, Month, day of the month"? I changed
language: System > Italian > English with no luck. It seems a locale
setting. I really would prefer day/month/year or eventually date
format follows the language choice.

- It would be nice having gas-switch events with a different icon/colour.

- It' would be nice having a simple lower graph with different gas
used per profile range. Diving Log ha something similar and it gives
you a rapid info on gas used at a glance.

- Last but not the least: the profile zoom & pan function is really
uncomfortable and weird. I use several cad program so I can understand
it's choice but for a normal user is really unnatural. Just imagine if
Google maps worked in this way...
I use a lot this function because I have very long run-times > 2h. The
biggest flaw is that you cannot center a point and moving there your
mouse pointer. A classic google maps approach would be far better from
user's experience POV.

Thanks and keep going!!!


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