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Fri Jun 20 02:45:42 PDT 2014

This is a great suggestion.
I have a ton of dives logged on my Uwatec Bottom timer, hence without profile.

Maybe an enhanchement ticket on trac would be the best way to not forget it.

During the last week I added a lot of enhanchement requestes


2014-05-20 22:36 GMT+02:00 Onno <developer at>:
> On 20-05-14 14:24, Tomaz Canabrava wrote:
>> On Tue, May 20, 2014 at 3:50 PM, Onno <developer at> wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>> Recently after borrowing a XDeep bottom timer I started using subsurface
>>> instead of my paper logbook and it works perfectly on my favorite OS.
>>> The representation of the recorded dive data is fantastic and it is
>>> really nice to be able to add bottle changes by hand.
>>> So first of all, thank you all for working on subsurface.
>>> However, once I returned the bottom timer and I had to manually add
>>> dives I ran into the issue that it is really hard (almost impossible) to
>>> enter the dive data correctly. I think some software changes are
>>> required, but maybe I am just doing something wrong. Let me explain.
>>> After a dive my simple bottom timer gives me:
>>> total dive time,
>>> max depth,
>>> average depth
>>> and water temperature.
>>> When using Subsurface v4.1 (compiled myself against the v4.1 git tag) I
>>> find it is impossible to add my dive data (for instance) a 77 minute
>>> dive with a max of 9.7 meters and an average of 6.8 meters.
>>> The movable points in the graph snap to whole meters, so setting a max
>>> depth of 9.7 is not possible; I would have to settle for 10 meters.
>>> To set the 77 minutes I have to move the last movable point to say 75
>>> minutes to make the surface point end at (about) 77 minutes.
>>> Now, I don't know the exact profile I've been diving; it will typically
>>> have many ups and downs as I dive in cave's a lot. There is no way for
>>> me to modify the average depth other than to insert a shallow level for
>>> about half the dive manipulate the average depth that way (either be
>>> calculating the required level and time on a calculator or using trial
>>> and error). All and all it is a cumbersome way of adding the correct
>>> info of my dives and I never get the 'exact' numbers.
>>> Alternatively, I have been altering the xml logbook file directly.
>>> Setting the duration attribute of the dive node to "77:00 min", removing
>>> all sample nodes and changing the max and mean attributes of the depth
>>> node to the desired values of respectively "9.7 m" and "6.8 m".
>>> At least when loading this edited file, subsurface shows a dive profile
>>> with the correct max depth, average depth and dive time values by
>>> 'automatically' adding a shallow level at 3.2 meters from about 45
>>> minutes. This way the statistical data is correct, but the graph does
>>> (of course) in no way represent the actual dive profile.
>>> Personally I think to add a dive manually, you should be able to enter
>>> the data numerically in stead of having to manipulate the point in the
>>> profile (or editing the logbook xml file). Also I think no graph should
>>> be shown as there is no way of determining the actual profile and all
>>> representations will be false by default.
>>> (I hope I don't offend anyone as it looks like some of you have spend
>>> quite some time building the otherwise great graph editing interface)
>>> I think I could make some changes myself to the code in order add manual
>>> dives numerically and not show an graph, but I would really like you
>>> opinions before I even start working on it; maybe I am just missing
>>> something.
>> Onno,
>> I'm the (main) developer of the Add Dive part ( there are others that
>> can help answering the question in a better way than me for the core
>> part ).
>> When I designed the add profile part I tougth of it as an 'Quick way
>> to prototype your last dive from where you remember it' - if you have
>> the exact numbers ( I tougth ) you would have those on your dive
>> computer and could download them.
> Tomaz,
> I see where you are coming from but (unfortunately) there are quite a
> lot of dive computers and bottom timers that do not provide you with a
> downloadable profile. I would suspect there are more (potential) users
> out there who have similar issues when entering there data manually in
> subsurface.
>> But we do have a ( not shown currently on the app ) table where you
>> can change the points manually. Can you help us by trying to sketch a
>> interface where we could enter the data, without killing the profile
>> by point'n click?
> How about:
> 1) Add an extra widget (like the Information widget) which allows you to
> enter max depth, average depth and dive time.
> When using the point'n click interface, the values in the extra widget
> should be updated automatically. When changing the values, the graph
> should be altered to suit those values.
> This would allow for adding dives manually very quickly.
> 2) Add a button next to the graph, to hide the profile and related data
> and disables those buttons.
> The extra widget would still be visable, but it should also minimize the
> information widget to just showing the time. You should then still be
> able to add gasswitches and/or bookmarks if you like.
> 3) Add a global setting whether you want to have the graph hidden or not
> (by default) when viewing a manual added dive or adding a dive manually.
> With the above, the user would have a choice in how he/she would add a
> dive manually and view them. What do you think?
> grz,
> Onno
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