Petrel import "unlikely dive gas"

Richard DePas richard.depas at
Mon Jun 23 05:28:47 PDT 2014

Was finally able to import directly from my Petrel into Subsurface. Found a
post on another forum stating use of pairing code '0000'. Although I had
tried '1234' in the past and the COM port would be created, I was still
unable to import. Now with '0000' I can. ...that is just a side note that
may be useful for someone else having difficulty.

The issue I see with 4.1.379.0 is when importing, I will receive multiple
"unlikely dive gas data from libdivecomputer: o2 = 0 he = 0" errors. In my
case I am receiving this error 7 times. It does appear that my dives have
been imported and my gas used on the imported dives is correct (32% - 33%
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