Dive planner UI suggestion

Dirk Hohndel dirk at hohndel.org
Tue Jun 24 06:48:20 PDT 2014

On Tue, Jun 24, 2014 at 03:29:07PM +0200, Davide DB wrote:
> >
> > does this refer to the fact that the grid/scale moves under the mouse
> > pointer when you drag points? As this will be improved. Or anything else?
> Yes, exactly that. I couldn't reach precisely 70m.

There is certainly room for improvement, no doubt.

> > You realize you can also move the waypoints in the graphical display using
> > cursor keys?
> Yes but it started with a default 15m dive so to reach 70m I broke my
> keyboard cursor :) and anyway it's way longer than typing 70. Anyway
> if someone like modifying the profile graphically, no problem at all
> (see next point)

But you can type 70 in the table...

> > For the sake of speed I prefer using a simple and effective data entry. BTW
> > it's nice that the profile and dive plan update immeditaely as I
> > enter/modify data.
> >
> >
> > That's why we offer both options.
> Yes of course, but right now the data entry seems to be dependent on
> the graphicla part way of working.
> On VPlanner and Decoplanner to plan a dive like 30'@45m you just type
> "30" and "45"
> Here I had to enter "45" and "2" to define the first point and then
> again "45" and "28" for the second point: 30-2=28. It's a little bit
> counter intuitive. Again if I move to 70m I have to change 4 data
> again.
> Of course patch introduced by Anton will solve this.

I think I just pushed that. I totally agree that this should be the
default behavior (Anton, Robert, can you make sure that's the case) and
that the manual control over how long it takes to get to depth should be
an option for those that don't just do a fast descent.

> > I don't quite understand. That is a (html) table. When you cut&paste that to
> > your word processor, you should be able to apply any formatting you like.
> Ouch I didn't notice. I thought it was a canvas because If you look at
> one of my screenshots you will notice that "depth" "runtime" "gas"
> header appear squeezed together like a one word. Even the mix name
> seems not aligned. On windows it should be  a "courier new" fixed
> space font but the "(" has a different alignment than E of EAN.
> Maybe some margin and font size will improve it a lot.

I wonder if we should hard-code some fonts there... I'm actually tempted
to ship a font with Subsurface to get consistent behavior / look and feel
across platforms. (but not for 4.2).
But I'm sure we can do some more html/css tuning to make it look better on
the two key platforms (which are Windows and Mac).

> > #8 on the dive plain it would be nice having a total deco time with
> > indication of deepest deco stop.
> >
> > You mean subtract the time of the last manually entered waypoint from the
> > total run time and explicitly state the depth of the first computed stop?
> > The first I can understand but why would one one the second?
> Decoplanner report the first deco stop in lower part of my screenshots
> along with deco time. Maybe they came from algo calculations?
> Of course, it's really a good and hard work.
> My thoughts are just end user feedback.

We really appreciate the user feedback. It's the only way things will get
better and more useful - which in the end is the goal.
Sometimes we may disagree or have different design goals, but feedback is
always welcome and always taken seriously.



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