Import from webservice

Jan Birk jan.g.birk at
Thu Mar 6 10:33:18 PST 2014


I am a bit confused about how webservice download works :

1) I add a dive in the Android Companion App, name and position.
2) In Subsurface;

a) Import->Import GPS ... from webservice
b) Clik 'Download' and Subsurface says "Download succes"

I see in the manual that the time-spand has to be close between the 
actual dive and the companion download and that might be my issue.

I don't - however - have any success with that time stuff and I am not 
able to combine the companion/position and the dive.

Can I somehow edit the downloaded  companion bits? Where are the 
location(s) being downloaded ?

Is there some other issues I should look into?




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