Improving the authentication process of subsurface.

Aurélien PRALONG aurelien.pralong at
Sat Mar 8 11:22:29 PST 2014

>I have to click on the click on existing account option and after writing
my email-id, An email is
> received containing my generated id. Then I have to copy my generated id
and then paste
> in the retrieve account option.
If you create the account from the application, you don't have to copy the
ID, it is returned from the web-service. So you just have to confirm the
email to make the account active (mandatory if you don't want bot accounts).

> After I have nothing against changing it if we say that finally we want
to have
> the more classic username/password type of account.
Initially, I wasn't a big fan of the ID too. Now, I find it more
convenient, as you do not give your password to a site. It only downside is
that you cannot regenerate an ID if it becomes compromised.
If something has to be done with accounts, maybe you could add an OpenId
option, so no password is needed (and it integrates well in Android).
BTW, can you check the website ( ? I think the
banner has been moved.

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