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Sat Mar 8 16:42:22 PST 2014

On Sun, 2014-03-09 at 03:20 +0800, Rishubh Jain wrote:
> sorry forgot to attach...attached here
> On Saturday, 8 March 2014 11:48 PM, Rishubh Jain
> <rishubhjain at> wrote:
> Hi Dirk
> I have attached a screen shot with this mail of the new message
> box...please check if this is to your satisfactory level or not

Sorry for the slow response - as I mentioned earlier, I am rather busy
with my family this weekend...

How about this for wording


You are trying to quit while in the middle of editing a dive.
To keep your changes, hit Cancel here and finish editing the dive.

[Quit and discard any changes]  [Cancel]

I still worry about this being somewhat confusing... in order to keep
the changes the user needs to click cancel, then save, then quit again
and save.

But I agree that for the case where the user just wants to get out of
Subsurface (likely because they made a change they didn't like) this is
much more convenient.

Here's what you wrote in your other email, responding to Tomaz (sadly,
also a top-post reply...):

> Thanks for Replying, I have already read the code and working on it
> from few days now, I have submitted a patch but was not according to
> the expectations, But i am trying to work on it and make it better
> and understand subsurface better
Thank you for your patience and persistence. I realize this is
frustrating, but sometimes that's part of the process.

I look forward to a clean patch with correct commit message that
implements what we now came up with. And you are correct. That will make
Subsurface better.


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