VPM Discussion & GSoC planning

Gopichand Paturi gopichandpaturi at gmail.com
Wed Mar 12 06:35:58 PDT 2014

Hi Robert (atdotde),

I am currently working on identifying key equations as you told me earlier.
I will also include my findings regarding the already implemented code in C
& Python.
I would come back with a detailed description of that very soon.

Also, Can you please outline me what you are expecting from my GSoC
proposal? (I have gone through the links on ideas page regarding proposal
making, Just wanted to know my proposal specifics)

 I have a plan, to make the duration of May 19th-August 11th into chunks of
 9 PHASES each of size 8 days, where I will be completing the project by
1st of August, where I give you detailed report of what I did in every

Though GSoC ends on 11th August, I wanted to keep this 10 days time as a
backup, so that I complete tasks before hand, to be on safeside. These 10
days can be used for rigorous testing.

Now, I would like to put my schedule of implementation in this time frame,
which would include
1. Implementation of VPM
2. Testing
3. Integration into subsurface
4. Testing (Feedback from users and developers)
5. Documentation
6. Testing (last 10 days) and other formalities

1&2 tentatively would be done by midterm.
and the rest in later half.

I have not thought of time frames yet, I want to do this part with your
suggestions and knowledge , considering the complexities involved.

Let me know if you have your idea regarding how my proposal must look,
and also your expectations.

Thanks & Regards,
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