[PATCH] Create Documentation directory if missing

Thiago Macieira thiago at macieira.org
Wed Mar 12 16:03:46 PDT 2014

Em qui 13 mar 2014, às 00:18:18, Miika Turkia escreveu:
> -doc.commands += $(CHK_DIR_EXISTS)
> $$OUT_PWD/Documentation$$escape_expand(\\n\\t)$(MAKE) -C
> $$PWD/Documentation OUT=$$OUT_PWD/Documentation/ doc 
> +doc.commands +=
> $(CHK_DIR_EXISTS) $$OUT_PWD/Documentation || $(MKDIR)
> $$OUT_PWD/Documentation $$escape_expand(\\n\\t)$(MAKE) -C
> $$PWD/Documentation OUT=$$OUT_PWD/Documentation/ doc all.depends += doc

Looks right to me.

Silly mistake: we checked that the dir existed, but didn't create it if it 
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