help on fixing a ghost cylinder bug.

Jan Mulder jlmulder at
Thu Mar 20 14:03:51 PDT 2014

Not a solution yet, but some more observations.

On 20-03-14 17:53, Tomaz Canabrava wrote:
> So, I was playing with Dirk's DiveLog and I found a rather serious bug 
> and started digging, and I'm a bit lost on how to solve it.
> The bug:
> Create two cylinders and edit them, o2, n2, then save. *some* values 
> makes the cylinder count on the dive go crazy ( I use 32 as the 02 
> value and it jumps from 2 to 7  on dirk's dive n 222.
As a beginner on this list, I do not know how to access the mentioned 
dive nr 222, so I tried to recreate the problem as described above. 
However, I have not been able to reproduce the issue, but there are more 
strange things going on in the cylinder handling that might be related 
to issue as described by Tomaz.
> What I managed to discover:
> The Edit is fine, we are actually editing the right cylinder.
> The backup copy is fine, both dives ( copy and original ) have the 
> correct data
> The issue sems to be on the fixup_dive code, more important on the 
> 'check_for_unused_tanks', that calls 'mark_used_tanks'. Now, before 
> this call, the last cylinder ID of a used dive is 1, after the call, 
> it's 6.
> and since on the model we have code that counts untill the last valud 
> ( or used ) tank, we jump from 2 to 7 tanks being displayed on the 
> model, just by changing the 02 of a tank.
> This is a tiny bit out of the scope that I usually help on subsurface 
> and I didn't understand how it should be fixed.
> any help, appreciated.
> Tomaz

I discovered the following:

Added 2 cylinders to a dive, and did not add any gas change event in the 
profile. Tried to remove 2nd-ly added cylinder, and got the dialog "the 
gas is in use and cannot be removed". Obviously a bug.

Restarted the application, and now only 1 cylinder is shown. I'm using 
latest master and I'm using the git store for the dives. A check of the 
stored git data shows 2 cylinders. Things even get stranger, because I 
can add a gas change event for both cylinders, and the 2nd added 
cylinder (the one I'm switching to) appears in the Equipment tab when 
adding a gas change event.

Tomorrow, I will investigate a little further.



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