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Subsurface on the desktop is purely C/C++ based and uses Qt5. For its
android port, is it necessary to employ Qt5 for user interface building?
On one hand, it gives the advantage of having just one code base and run it
on both the desktop and mobile environments.
On the other hand, the user interface is ugly and functionally useless. In
the present condition, it cannot be used for mobile devices. Having a
single code base for both environments fail as the UI elements would need
to be changed to adapt to mobile environment. Also, it may inhibit other
android developers ,who are comfortable in Java and xml, and don't know Qt.
So, wouldn't it be more prudent to have the following approach?

1. Have the UI made in Java and Xml. As far as I know, all the UI elements
used in present Subsurface can be migrated to android.
2. The underlying core functions of subsurface will remain in C/C++. As
Dirk as said, there is no chance of shifting the code base to another
language, for instance Java.
3. Assembling the two systems by using JNI interface provided by the
Android Native Development Kit.

What are your views?

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