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Thu May 1 07:37:26 PDT 2014

On 01.05.2014 16:13, Dirk Hohndel wrote:
> On Thu, 2014-05-01 at 16:06 +0200, Florian Preisler wrote:
>> This concerns v. on Windows 7
>> 1) I don't have coordinates saved in my dives. When I open Subsurface
>> the globe displays only blue. It's zoomed in to somewhere close into
>> the Gulf of Guinea. (See Screenshot1)
>> IMHO this doesn't look very nice. Wouldn't it be nicer to have e.g. a
>> full globe view if we dont have anything set as coordinates?
> That's a good point. It basically gets no coordinates so centers around
> 0/0 and then zooms in as if there was something to be seen there.
> Not zooming in seems like the much better answer.

I'll create an enhancement request.

>> 2) When I zoom out using my scroll wheel (not clicking at all - just
>> pointing) I see a Diveflag set somewhere off the Coast of Namibia.
>> (See Screenshot2)
> Those are odd. Can you open you XML file in an editor and see if you
> have longitude/latitude set on any of your dives? Maybe these are bogus
> locations that were created by #3 below

I opened up my XML File: No longitude/latitude set in ANY of my dives 
(See Screenshot 4) - if they contain "lati" or "longi" in their 

>> 3) According to the green Tooltip in the map window I should be able
>> to move the map and then double-click to set the dive location. But as
>> soon as I click just once - to move the map - I seem to already be
>> setting the dive location.
>> It sets coordinates and doesn't show the usual "This dive is being
>> edited".(See Screenshot 3)
> We had another report like this on the bug tracker a few days ago. I
> cannot reproduce this behavior at all. But I don't think I've tried to
> recreate the scenario you describe (with no dive coordinates set
> anywhere).
>> I'm not really sure where it works as designed and where its a bug.
>> I'm happy to open Tickets for any of issues above. Let me know how I
>> can help.
> 1) is an enhancement request
> 2) depends on what's in your XML file :-)
> 3) is a bug - if you can create a few simple steps, starting from an
> empty log that can be used to recreate this, that would be great.

Will do!

> /D

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