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Sun May 11 06:58:02 PDT 2014

Em dom 11 maio 2014, às 10:00:38, Tomaz Canabrava escreveu:
> > I don't mind the cleanup, but I dislike the fact that you break things.
> > The reason I did the stupid hackish thing with the translations for the
> > hemispheres was that I needed them to be in the correct class. For some
> > reason if they were not part of MainTab the correct translations were
> > not picked up and parsing of local language hemisphere letters was
> > broken.
> What? Well, sorry for that, the commit message on the hackish code didn't
> explained that, and I don't know why it does that. Thiago, you know the tr
> code a but more than I do, what could be wrong?

When I looked at Dirk's change, it seemed that the hemispheres were not 
translated at all previously. Now that I look at it, I've found them:

qt-ui/maintab.cpp:      lath = lat >= 0 ? tr("N") : tr("S");
qt-ui/maintab.cpp:      lonh = lon >= 0 ? tr("E") : tr("W");

So the translations belong to MainTab. To get them from outside that class, 
you either do what Dirk did (making its tr accessible publicly) or you do:

	QCoreApplication::translate("MainTab", "N");

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