water temperature bug?

roberto forini forini.r at gmail.com
Sat May 24 02:50:00 PDT 2014

Good morning guys!
on my subsurface if i get the water temperature from the dive
computer (my wife's mares nemo wide 2) the xml rows are :

 <divetemperature air='20.0 C'/>
 <temperature water='15.4 C' />

and subsurface read it correctly.

I have the previous release of the nemo wide that doesnt record the
temperature. So i add the temperature value manually in the log. The
resulting xlm row is:

 <divetemperature air='17.0 C' water='15.0 C'/>

Just after i add the temperature (air +water or only one...) it works and
subsurface show them. If i close subsurface and i open it again, water
temperature is missing.

:) great job guys!! have a nice weekend!

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