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Sat May 24 13:13:42 PDT 2014

On Sat, May 24, 2014 at 9:26 PM, Gehad <gehadelrobey at> wrote:

> Here is my progress with the json exporter. when choosing to export html a
> json format file is produced containing the main dive data of the dive list.
> this file contain the main data only and some data will be added later.
> this json file will be copied with the js and html files attached.

Looking good so far. A couple of comments below:

Add a check on the replace_char function to return if replace and
replace_by are the same.

I wonder if you should be using our helper functions like get_temp_units to
produce localized output as selected in the user's preferences. I am not
that familiar with them but there are probably a few that could be useful

The file selection on export is showing html files, thus one assumes that
the file extension should be such. However, you require the file be named
file.json... so you will need to handle the copying of the html template in
c code to reflect the file name selected by user. So at some point the file
name selected by the user should be used automatically for the export json
and rename the html template to the same name (with proper suffixes, of

The exported dive log starts numbering with 0 instead of 1.. Some users
will probably want to use the numbers they actually have on the log file.
In fact, I'd probably use the numbers in the log file first, and at some
point add option to renumber the dives (starting from 1). HTML export might
warrant its own tab on the export dialog at some select the theme
and select some settings (e.g. possibly this dive numbering).

I am guessing that people do want to see dives grouped into trips in HTML
export as well.

When you expand a dive, some of the information from the header line is
lost. Howe about keeping the collapsed header as is at the top of expanded
information, this way e.g. dive number is still visible and it helps keep
one oriented.

You should use < and > on the arrow buttons in the HTML file.

    <div id="controller">
        <button onClick="prev_page()"><-</button>
        <span id="pagging"></span>
        <button onClick="next_page()">-></button>

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