planner and dive add should work now

Henrik Brautaset Aronsen subsurface at
Thu May 29 06:23:26 PDT 2014

Dirk Hohndel wrote:
> I ran Subsurface under Valgrind and that quickly pointed out a few more
> issues. With the latest changes I pushed I believe add dive and the
> planner are now functional and random combinations of them no longer crash
> Subsurface or confuse the dive list.
> I would really appreciate if people could try HARD to break this... there
> were some rather subtle yet nasty bugs in the code.

Nice work everyone!  I stumbled upon a couple of things:

1) As I planned a dive (10 mins @ 58 meters with 18/45 and 50%) I 
noticed that the MOD, EAD and EADD was wrong:  57, 56 & 56m, while it 
should be something like 68, 23 and 33.  See

2) The background on that plan is red, which leads me to believe that 
something is wrong?  Maybe related to the wrong values in 1)?

3) When I save the dive, the values from 1) change.  Still wrong:  18, 
32 & 60m.   See  The ssrf file 
is here:

4) 18/45 is nicely shown on the graph when I use that gas, but EAN50 
isn't shown after the gas switch.

5) I got a crash when planning a second dive, but I haven't been able to 
reproduce it:


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