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sorry, even if it’s father’s day here, I am covered with work (real work, day job). So just a quick answer:

> Something is completely wonky with the gas calculations:
>  <cylinder size='11.1 l' workpressure='200.0 bar' description='S80' o2='50.0%' start='200.0 bar' end='190486.117 bar' />
>  <cylinder size='24.0 l' workpressure='232.0 bar' description='D12' o2='18.0%' he='45.0%' start='232.0 bar' end='232.0 bar' />
> Look at the beginning and end pressures...
> Robert, can you track this down?
> Strangely, for me Subsurface shows this as 200->190bar - which is
> creative, but not correct, either.

This is what I have been complaining about for a couple of days: The gas usage calculation does not get info about the cylinder size (it get’s zero) so it cannot compute the pressure drop. The end pressure is uninitialised RAM.


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