Dive Stats: "Average" depth lower than "Minimum" depth

Lutz Vieweg lvml at 5t9.de
Fri May 30 00:08:08 PDT 2014


after returning from a 3 weeks diving trip(*) I only found one minor
issue to report that I just added to the bug tracker:

Dive Stats: "Average" depth lower than "Minimum" depth

In addition to the defect description: I wonder whether displaying
a "Minimum depth" or an "Average Depth" is useful, at all, since all
dives start and end usually at depth zero, and I don't see how e.g.
another 5 minutes that one could or could not have spent at very
shallow depths at the start of a dive would contribute useful
information into an "average" calculation.

IMHO, a completely different value would provide more useful
information: Some figure on how long tissue compartments came
close to their point of pressure gradient tolerance during the dive.
That could give a better (still vague) indication on the overall
DCS risks of a dive.
And since Subsurface computes saturation models, already, such
a figure should not be difficult to derive.


Lutz Vieweg

(*) I'm now spoilt for life with regards to Manta sightings.
     Two consecutive dives with > 10 Mantas present the whole
     time of the dive in Pulau Langkoi (south Komodo) leave
     little room for improvements. ;-)

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