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Sat May 31 15:54:27 PDT 2014

Henrik Brautaset Aronsen wrote:
> 30. mai 2014 00:04 skrev "Dirk Hohndel" <dirk at 
> <mailto:dirk at>> følgende:
> >
> > We "fixed" this by removing the info overlay (actually I think it 
> would be
> > correct even if we didn't remove the info overlay - prior to my changes
> > today the profile was rendered with the wrong gases).
> >
> > Serious question - did you find the info overlay useful? Robert and 
> I felt
> > that it was just in the way and so he disabled that...
> I usually think the info overlay is in the way, but during planning it 
> could actually be helpful. I like being able to see the MOD and END 
> while planning. (Those values could be shown elsewhere, of course, 
> like in the cylinder list. I haven't really thought it through yet.)

Also, without the info overlay, I don't know what those yellow triangles 
with exclamation signs signifies.  (Of course, *I* know they're gas 
changes).  I guess a mouseover box could solve that?

Anyway, here's problem with a plan I've been creating:
EAN50 is shown far to the left, but should be on the right side of the 
screen, after the gas change.  It might be that the planner thinks I'm 
switching from EAN50 to 18/45 in minute 0 since EAN50 is listed as the 
first available gas?  That might explain the exclamation sign at the top 
left as well:

Signing off,

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