Poseidon CCR dives: Nitrogen loading and Qt

Willem Ferguson willemferguson at zoology.up.ac.za
Wed Nov 5 11:45:51 PST 2014

On 05/11/2014 21:26, Robert C. Helling wrote:
> My understanding is that at the moment we are not yet plotting two 
> cylinder pressures (dil and O2) at the same time. It is just that the 
> O2 gets plotted while you are expecting the dil to be plotted. Am I 
> right? Note that on the left, where the gas name should be, it reads 
> (at least at my resolution) AIR100 which is likely the result of first 
> printing EAN100 and then AIR on top of that. Right now I don't 
> understand where in the code it is determined which cylinder pressure 
> is plotted and gas name attached. 
> Best Robert

You are correct. At the moment no UI development has taken place. There 
is only cylinder pressure data plotted for the oxygen cylinder. The 
diluent pressures still need to be added. So no CCR code for plotting 
exists and the UI shows the CCR stuff using the 'normal' OC display 
routines with no adaptation. What I assume is that the following may 
happen (and I have no clue as to where the code may lie that does this 
because that is Qt): The CSV import defines two cylinders, supplying 
full information with gas mix and cylinder pressure data. I suspect that 
both these cylinders are interpreted as in-use and their tags are 
plotted at the extreme left of the profile widget.

As far as oxygen is concerned, it is the po2 that is plotted as it 
always has been. Just, in the case of CCR, it is not computed using gas 
mix and depth, but based on the oxygen sensor data. This plot of po2 
needs no change. Only the sensor and setpoint data need to be added.

I do not think I have helped at all, but I have given you what I know.
Kind regards,

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