4.3 Beta 1

Dirk Hohndel dirk at hohndel.org
Mon Nov 17 15:41:12 PST 2014

Windows installers are on the serer in the download area (not daily, the
real download area). Patches and tag are pushed.

I will post announcements soon. Unfortunately for certain reasons (don't ask)
I can't create a Mac DMG right now, so until that's fixed this is Windows
only (and Linux from source).

Major thanks goes to...

Tomaz  - for implementing the 4.3 killer feature
Davide - for designing said feature and being persistent enough that it
         actually ended up being implemented as he envisioned things
Anton &
Joshua - for the work on the dive computer configuration (and much more)
Gehad  - for the HTML exporter
Lubomir &
everyone else
	 for all the hard work you put into making this project fun and

And of course for Linus, for getting this all started and for still
hanging around and sending the occasional patch...

I'm sure I forgot a ton of things. In the ReleaseNotes. In the README.

Hey, just found the first oops. The ReleaseNotes still say
"Experimental CCR and PSCR support: (someone explain what does and does
not work, please)"

But hey, it's only Beta 1. It's not supposed to be perfect.

Send patches :-)


git shortlog -s -n v4.2..
   178  Dirk Hohndel (bogus number, contains translations and random other stuff)
    86  Tomaz Canabrava
    80  Anton Lundin
    34  Gehad Elrobey
    34  Joshua Wambua
    29  Miika Turkia
    24  Robert Helling
    24  Willem Ferguson
    21  Lubomir I. Ivanov
    14  Giuseppe Bilotta
    14  John Van Ostrand
     9  Tim Wootton
     8  Linus Torvalds
     7  Salvo 'LtWorf' Tomaselli
     5  Thiago Macieira
     4  Salvador Cuñat
     1  Florian Klink
     1  Gaetan Bisson
     1  Joakim Bygdell
     1  Karina Mochetti

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