Undo some broken CCR features

Dirk Hohndel dirk at hohndel.org
Tue Nov 18 00:41:26 PST 2014

On Tue, Nov 18, 2014 at 08:19:43AM +0200, Willem Ferguson wrote:
> >The first one is what you wrote in the email, the second one is the commit
> >message that you gave when committing the patch. Why do you do that twice
> >instead of just sending the commit?
> In future I will just send the commit.


> >BTW: I wanted to comment on this one before. This is SO UGLY.
> >if you have braces on one side of the else, have them on both sides.
> This is not my code

Interesting. Let's look at git blame to find out who I need to yell at :-)

Miika! That's just terrible...

> >>diff --git a/profile.c b/profile.c
> >>index 63023b5..8e43c21 100644
> >>--- a/profile.c
> >>+++ b/profile.c
> >>@@ -905,7 +905,7 @@ static void calculate_gas_information_new(struct dive *dive, struct plot_info *p
> >>  		amb_pressure = depth_to_mbar(entry->depth, dive) / 1000.0;
> >>-		fill_pressures(&entry->pressures, amb_pressure, &dive->cylinder[cylinderindex].gasmix, entry->pressures.o2, dive->dc.dctype, entry->sac);
> >>+		fill_pressures(&entry->pressures, amb_pressure, &dive->cylinder[cylinderindex].gasmix, entry->o2pressure, dive->dc.dctype, entry->sac);
> >>  		fn2 = (int) (1000.0 * entry->pressures.n2 / amb_pressure);
> >>  		fhe = (int) (1000.0 * entry->pressures.he / amb_pressure);
> >hmm, so what IS the difference between entry->pressures.o2 and
> >enry->o2pressure?
> entry->o2pressure holds the consensus PO2 after considering the data from
> the different oxygen sensors.


> It is the variable that is used for plotting
> in the dive profile. entry->o2pressure is calculated before pressures.o2.

And what, may I ask, is pressures.o2?

> The call above to fill_pressures() is the one that actually computes
> pressures.o2. I assume one should not use pressures.o2 as a parameter in a
> call to a function that calculates pressures.o2??

Valid point.

> The XML import/export is not perfect yet. The export removes the cylinder
> start and end values supplied by the DC because cylinder->sample_start and
> cylinder->sample_end are zeroed somewhere beforehand, so they are not
> written. The import also has some problems with cylinder pressures and
> figuring out start/end pressures. My suggestion is let's get the XML side
> working reliably, then it is a simple matter to transfer to the git back
> end. Does this make sense?

Sure. We're running out of time for 4.3, though

> I am actively working at improving the XML import/export.


> So I assume this patch is not acceptable? Would you like me to re-draft the
> patch in line with you comments?

No, I wanted to see your comments to understand what's going on.
I still want to understand what pressures.o2 does...

I'll take the patch and hope that you'll send patches on top of it to get
CCR closer to ready for Beta 2


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