building with my private libdivecomputer branch

Dirk Hohndel dirk at
Sat Nov 22 07:18:04 PST 2014

As I'm sure many have noticed (and I mentioned it here a few times),
several of the recent additions in Subsurface don't really shine (i.e.,
don't get really filled with useful data) unless you have some patches to
libdivecomputer that haven't made it upstream, yet.

Jef and I have been talking a lot about this - he's under a lot of time
pressure and still working on integrating quite a bit of outstanding
submissions into libdivecomputer and wants to get a 0.5 release out.
So he and I agreed that I should just publish my private branch and allow
others here to build against it so more people can test the latest

git clone -b Subsurface-testing git://

A few comments:

a) this will not be merged into libdivecomputer as is - so please don't
add this to your master, put it in a separate branch just like I have
shown above

b) this has received a lot less testing and review as libdivecomputer code
usually gets, so there may be glaring bugs in there.

c) it's entirely possible that I decide to rebase / reshuffle things and
force push. This is guaranteed to get Linus angry at me (quote "never
rebase / force push a public branch"), but the branch has 'testing' in its
name for a reason.

d) I may create other branches in order to stage things for Jef once he
has caught up and may want to take some of the work that's in there. In
case we end up releasing 4.3 before everything we need has migrated to
libdivecomputer master, I may end up creating a cleaned up and freshly
rebased branch as "Subsurface" that I'll use to create the Windows and Mac
binaries and that others can use (if they want) to create fully featured
Linux binaries.

So if you want to play with the latest code for firmware and serial
numbers - please build against the Subsurface-testing branch of
libdivecomputer and let us know. At least for Shearwater, OSTC family,
Suunto Vyper2 family, and the Oceanic Atom2 family this should work now.
(but not all of them support both firmware and serial number in a per-dive
manner, so for some only the serial number is shown)

Feedback welcome


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