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I certainly like this idea. I'd a big forum user but never really 'get'
mailing list etiquette. Am I meant to just reply to a mail or am I supposed
to add my comments to the bottom on the main etc.


I'll be sure to take a look.


Jason Bramwell


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Another new feature on the website:


We had many people complain that the mailing list is not a good place for
regular users. Way too focused on developers - and many people are
uncomfortable with email lists.

So instead I created a Google Group and embedded it into the website. I'm
not sure I'm in love with the solution, but it was easy to do, it offers
full email integration and was really easy to embed into the website.


I'd invite you (ESPECIALLY all the non-developers on the mailing list -
there are by now more than 60 people here who have not posted a single email
to this list) to take a look at that and provide feedback.


I've sent "invites" to some of the people who I thought might be most likely
to answer user questions (sorry if I forgot to include you. I just picked a
few up front, planning to basically invite everyone here to join if they
would like to follow along with user discussions).


I haven't looked into all the ways this might be configurable. but I'm
running out of time as I'm heading to Bonaire tomorrow. so just as with the
rest of the infrastructure migration. I kinda rushed it. So sue me.





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