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Krzysztof Arentowicz karent.bug at
Mon Oct 6 10:46:49 PDT 2014

W dniu 28.09.2014 o 05:50, Dirk Hohndel pisze:
>> Another idea if we want to work with PADI.  They have a online dive
>> logging and sharing website, (and I'm sure other
> That is a very cool idea. I assume that several people here are PADI
> instructors... do we happen to have a PADI Master Instructor or even a
> Course Director on the list? That might make it easier to reach out to
> PADI. I will ask a good friend who is an SDI and TDI master instructor to
> try and get me in contact with them.

SSI also has its online divelog (a little bit coarse and behind the time, but stil)
A few weeks ago during my Instructor Evaluation exam I had a chance to talk to Ronny Kain who is SSI Instructor Certifier and I did a presentation of Subsurface
for him.
This was just after 4.2 release. He seemed very interested with the program and the idea of exporting data to SSI webpage.
He was about to look into this further.
Did anyone from SSI contact you about this?

Also, I include Subsurface as part of my OWD trainings. When we reach topic of computers and dive planning, the next thing I do is show them how to download
dive data to Subsurface.
I did not reach too many people yet, but I try to do my job spreading the word ;)


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