Cochran DCs

John Van Ostrand john at
Mon Oct 6 18:29:17 PDT 2014

I have the Cochran data stream well decoded, both dive log information and
sample data. If someone is interested in moving the cochran file import
code forward I'd be glad to collaborate.

Additionally,  I have the Cochran DC import working in subsurface and could
use some help. I'm in a little over my head hunting down a seg fault in
Subsurface when I use the log file option when importing.

I could also use some dive logs that have more interesting dives than I've
done. Ones with more than two gasses, helium, more dives than the DC can
hold and a wider range of events. I'm also trying to tease out the model
features and I need a wide selection of data from the same models which
have different memory or feature configurations.

If you have a Cochran DC and would like to help, I have a download program
to import the memory from the DC into raw data files. Alternatively, you
can import to Subsurface one my code is in the tree and help me identify
new events and find problems.

John Van Ostrand
At large on sabbatical
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