DiveShare patch

Salvo Tomaselli tiposchi at tiscali.it
Sun Oct 12 10:41:41 PDT 2014


I made this patch that adds a new export option, to diveshare.

Dives can still be anonymous, but users can click a button and 
go on a page where they have a secret string that they can paste 
so that dives go to their account directly.

Let me know if this can be merged or needs some fixes.

Feel free to test it, but make sure that you don't test it with 
any data that you wouldn't want to be public.

Salvo Tomaselli

"Io non mi sento obbligato a credere che lo stesso Dio che ci ha 
dotato di senso, ragione ed intelletto intendesse che noi ne 
facessimo a meno."
                -- Galileo Galilei

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