DLD Changes

Rainer Mohr mail at divelogs.de
Sun Oct 12 11:27:50 PDT 2014

Hi Miika,

As you are the XML and XSLT Master, here comes a request to you for the 
divelogs sync:
I just released a new version which finally supports multiple tanks. I 
had lots of requests for this, most coming from Subsurface users who 
want all their tanks transferred to divelogs.

So the DLD Format just got a few new fields. Example attached. The 
<ADDITIONALTANKS> is completely optional and always additional to the 
main tank which continues to live directly in the <DIVELOGSDATA>.
Also please note, that a new tag <HEPCT> for Helium percentage has been 
added to the main tank and all additional tanks.

This will work in both directions off course and the API has already 
been updated, so feel free to try and play around.

If I can do anything to help, please shout!
Thanks and regards,
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