almost missed it - statistics update

Dirk Hohndel dirk at
Sun Oct 12 12:07:49 PDT 2014

oops, completely missed this email...

On Mon, Oct 06, 2014 at 07:46:49PM +0200, Krzysztof Arentowicz wrote:
> W dniu 28.09.2014 o 05:50, Dirk Hohndel pisze:
> >> Another idea if we want to work with PADI.  They have a online dive
> >> logging and sharing website, (and I'm sure other
> > 
> > That is a very cool idea. I assume that several people here are PADI
> > instructors... do we happen to have a PADI Master Instructor or even a
> > Course Director on the list? That might make it easier to reach out to
> > PADI. I will ask a good friend who is an SDI and TDI master instructor to
> > try and get me in contact with them.
> SSI also has its online divelog (a little bit coarse and behind the time, but stil)
> A few weeks ago during my Instructor Evaluation exam I had a chance to talk to Ronny Kain who is SSI Instructor Certifier and I did a presentation of Subsurface
> for him.
> This was just after 4.2 release. He seemed very interested with the program and the idea of exporting data to SSI webpage.
> He was about to look into this further.
> Did anyone from SSI contact you about this?

Not that I remember, but since I missed your email (it arrived while I was
flying to Bonaire) I need to make sure that nothing else fell through the

> Also, I include Subsurface as part of my OWD trainings. When we reach topic of computers and dive planning, the next thing I do is show them how to download
> dive data to Subsurface.
> I did not reach too many people yet, but I try to do my job spreading the word ;)

That is excellent. I talked to a couple of dive shop owners / instructors
here in Bonaire this week (one couple owns a diveshop that has the third
highest number of PADI certifications per year) and they also seemed


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