Problems with ceiling for CCR dive

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> Attached a screenshot of the present state of the Poseidon CCR dive profile. The ceiling is not correct. Where does the software that draws the ceiling get the information from in order to draw the ceiling? The pn2 graph (top one) looks more or less ok? The po2 graph is the bottom one.

the version I had on my laptop didn’t have that problem but, as you noticed, the latest master has. So I did a git bisect and guess what I found:

th-nb-tmpmbp02:subsurface Robert.Helling$ git bisect good
bc9df4652ffe0cc9d6f579bfd66a4857be57d3b2 is the first bad commit
commit bc9df4652ffe0cc9d6f579bfd66a4857be57d3b2
Author: willem ferguson <willemferguson at>
Date:   Sun Oct 12 20:46:41 2014 +0200

    CCR patch: Calculate the correct partial gas pressures for CCR dives

You seem to have removed the logic that the deco/planner uses to detect if we are in CCR mode, namely that there is pO2 provided.

You have changed the interface of the fill_pressures function. If you do so, make sure this does not break stuff. If you use Qt Creator that has the “find usages” function which is very useful for this kind of task.

Can you fix this?


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