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> What do people think? Has the German water poisoned my brain?

I don’t know. But I drink that water as well [NB: precious bodily fluids: and]

Seriously, I think, me as well would not really use those features but I have seen these requests as well.

Re equipment: My gear is pretty much stable, I might change one or two things (like gloves) but almost everything is like in the previous dives (which is also why for me there is not much point in taking track of it, too little variation. If I get a new toy, I usually comment on it in the dive notes). I guess this is similar for many people so it should be reflected in the UI: The default for a new dive should be “as before” and then the user could adjust differences. 

I would also keep that pretty much free form, possibly with tags again. What we could add is that if you double click on a tag, that would open a small modal dialog with more info on that item (again mainly free text for full name serial number, price you bought it, rating etc, and maybe again a field with tags to categorize it like “fins” or “drysuit”. And something like a timer field where  you could set a reminder date (for servicing intervals), possibly with defaults like “in six months, in a year, in two years”. Or a date chooser that also accepts things like “+2m” or “+1y” for “in two months” or “in one year”. Then (if set by the user) on startup, subsurface could show a list of items with reminder dates in the past. And of course, there should be filtering for “all dives with the red DUI drysuit” “all drysuit dives” or “show me all items categorized as suits”.

Re dive sites: A possible minimally invasive change would be to make the comma a special character in the location field with the semantics of a field separator. Then people could use their own hierarchical scheme and we could do things like “all dives where the last two fields are "Red Sea, Egypt”

But honestly, I think there are more urgent things that need to be resolved (also from a UI perspective), amongst them using cylinders rather than gas mixes (that one might be on its way), UI for the git save format, better image handling (in particular re using different computers and online pictures).

Just my $.02

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