adding more data for people to collect

Davide DB dbdavide at
Tue Oct 14 02:08:39 PDT 2014

I completely agree with Robert.

I abandoned Diving Log 5.0 because it's UI it's cluttered with options
that I don't care.
There's a dropbox and a check box for everything (IMHO it's a defect).
I like the Subsurface way of doing via tags!.
Nevertheless I agree that some rework on some feature is ok. I
submitted an improvement suggestion on weight and drysuit field
because right now I find them useless.

Maybe we could add a separate equipment tag set...

Regarding location, I like current free structure but I understand who
likes a more structured approach. RIght now I don't care about
country. I just use a "-" to separate location or island from dive
spot name.
I think that giving a special meaning to "," could be a good compromise.

Last but not the least:

For my job I use a lot the Eclipse IDE. I like it very much. What I
like more is that you have a base framework with an intelligent UI
that you can fill with different functionalities. Most of users know
it just as programming environment but you can really do everything
with it.
Now I'm not advocating to use Eclipse as base Subsurface UI but I
think we could introducce the idea of "plugins" on Subsurface 12 :)

We could have a core Subsurface library with core divelog features and
then a lot of optional plugins with extra features:

- dive planner
- equipment management
- photo management
- CCR / PSCR functionality
- Other...

Please do not shot on the piano player :)


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