Bug in the OSTC3 setting O2% in a gasmix from a computer

Anton Lundin glance at acc.umu.se
Thu Oct 16 12:40:42 PDT 2014

On 16 October, 2014 - Anton Lundin wrote:

> Hi.
> I'm currently hacking on Subsurface, and more specific the code to
> configure your OSTC3 from it.
> I have seen some wierd problems with setting a O2% value from the
> computer. Every O2 value in the range 21..99 works as it should, but i
> can't set it to 100% or anything below 21%. In any of those case it
> changes the O2 value to the default 21%. I've spent a fair amount of
> time debugging Subsurface but as far as i can see everything there looks
> as it should.
> Then started to suspect a bug in the OSTC3, based on the weird range of
> values that works, so i to some time and dove down into the OSTC3 code
> base and found some interesting bits.

And one for the archives. As usual HW answered and was really helpful
and responsive. The problem with not being able to set O2
values below 21 was a old bug, and me not on the latest stable firmware.
The bug was fixed in stable 1.60

The not being able to set 100% bug is now found and a fix will be
released in a future firmware.

Thanks HW!


Anton Lundin	+46702-161604

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