4.2 in Debian, OpenSUSE, Mageia, Gentoo

Salvo Tomaselli tiposchi at tiscali.it
Sat Oct 18 23:41:02 PDT 2014

In data sabato 18 ottobre 2014 23:07:29, Tim Wootton ha scritto:
> Looks like libgit2 finally made it into debian testing (jessie)
It did but it fails to build on several platforms because they have some 
problems upstream with unaligned memory.

So subsurface was also not present on these many platforms, and was also 
failing to build on bsd so it has been removed from debian testing.

The current debian version of subsurface has a patch to completely get rid of 
libgit2 and hence be allowed in the next stable release (hopefully, if they 
accept it back in testing).
Salvo Tomaselli

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