I guess we should make a release again... 4.3

Dirk Hohndel dirk at hohndel.org
Mon Oct 20 10:05:07 PDT 2014

So much for my plans of going on a time based release schedule...

But still, let's talk about 4.3

We have a ton of new things since 4.3 - not necessarily all the things
that I hoped I'd be working on (cough - UI for git backend - cough) but
there's quite a bit of progress elsewhere.

- OSTC3 and Suunto Vyper configuration (and I hear rumors about OSTC2)
- visual tracker of gases used
- saturation display in the info overlay
- cut'n paste for dive data
- lots of planner work, CCR should be supported now
- hidpi improvements
- first steps towards cleaning up the tank switch / gas switch semantics
- tag filtering / multi filtering

Clearly, a couple of these need to be completed / cleaned up.

- Robert's saturation display - I like the little graphic in the info
  overlay - I think the graphs at the bottom are too confusing and am
  considering removing them
- Tomaz is telling me that tag filter / multi filter support will receive
  a major update, soon
- I think CCR support is not quite ready, yet, but I don't know what
  exactly is missing to make this useful to people
- tank / gas switch is better, on a Uemis you can now have two identical
  gas mixes and correctly switch between them - for libdivecomputer based
  devices this isn't supported, yet, but Jef said that the necessary
  changes will make it in to libdivecomputer 0.5

What else am I missing. I.e., what big new feature did I forget to
mention, what are you guys working on that we should include in 4.3.

And as always, just to tease people, here's the commit list...

    72  Dirk Hohndel
    46  Anton Lundin
    34  Joshua Wambua
    30  Gehad Elrobey
->  28  Tomaz Canabrava
    16  Willem Ferguson
    13  Giuseppe Bilotta
     9  Robert Helling
     8  Miika Turkia
     5  Thiago Macieira
->   4  Linus Torvalds
     4  Salvo 'LtWorf' Tomaselli
     4  Tim Wootton
     2  Salvador Cuñat
     1  Florian Klink
     1  Gaetan Bisson
     1  Joakim Bygdell
     1  Karina Mochetti
     1  Salvo Tomaselli

The all time #2 and #3 contributors clearly are... slacking... and the two
GSOC students who worked on the main code base are in the top 4!


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