[PATCH 0/9] fix some warnings

Lubomir I. Ivanov neolit123 at gmail.com
Sat Oct 25 03:03:28 PDT 2014

please ignore anything in particular if you see fit.
i'm not really advocating any of these.

[PATCH 1/9] MainWindow: prevent a possible crash on "re-plan"
[PATCH 2/9] configuredivecomputerdialog.ui: fix a UIC warning
[PATCH 3/9] globe.cpp: fix a NO_MARBLE warning
[PATCH 4/9] divelogexportdialog.cpp: fix a 'uninitialized variable'
[PATCH 5/9] divelogexportdialog.cpp: attempt to fix a 'unsigned /
[PATCH 6/9] deco.c: remove unused variables in add_segment()
[PATCH 7/9] profile.c: remove unused variables in
[PATCH 8/9] profile.c: remove a variable which is set but not used
[PATCH 9/9] divelistview.cpp: move a variable in a Q_OS_MAC branch


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