[PATCH] Poseidon MK6 import

Miika Turkia miika.turkia at gmail.com
Sun Oct 26 22:41:34 PDT 2014

ok, I'll take a look at it. Should have some time tomorrow now that I am stuck in LA


> On 26 Oct 2014, at 20:27, Dirk Hohndel <dirk at hohndel.org> wrote:
>> On Sun, Oct 26, 2014 at 03:24:01PM +0200, Miika Turkia wrote:
>> Here is a patch to import Poseidon MK6 logs to Subsurface. If you need a
>> log file for testing, there is one available on a post from Willem with
>> subject: "Import of Poseidon CCR dive logs". This requires both the .txt
>> and .csv files and they need to be under same directory. When importing,
>> you must select the MkVI filetype from the file selector (and choose the
>> MK6.txt).
>> The patch exposes a bug in setpoint handling, but I do not know what is the
>> intended behavior, so fixing will require input from the more knowledgeable
>> people. The setpoint value is "compressed" when dive samples are added,
>> meaning that repeating values are set to zero. However, upon saving the XML
>> log file, this means that we are writing the real setpoint value and on
>> next sample we write setpoint value of 0. Should the real setpoint value be
>> stored on samples, or should the XML saving ignore setpoint values of 0?
> Normally we only do the 'compression' as you call it when writing the XML
> (or git) file. We simply drop values that stay constant.
> So I think the bug might actually be the compression in our data
> structures...
>> There also seems to be quite a few values related to rebreather that are
>> not actually stored on the XML output. I suppose that just shows that CCR
>> support is in progress.
> Yes, the CCR support is in a rather unsatisfying state right now.
> It's something where I barely understand what the divers might want and
> therefore have been doing a very poor job as maintainer.
> Robert appears to have stepped up to help our Willem to get this right,
> but the more people work on this and help figure out what's the right way
> to do things, the better.
> /D

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