towards 4.3

Dirk Hohndel dirk at
Mon Oct 27 09:57:25 PDT 2014

A few notes...

- I would like to have a first beta released no later than Nov 10.
- I have fixed the script that created the daily builds. It was still
  uploading them to the old site. :facepalm:
- I will make a go/no-go decision on some of the features in a week or so;
  what that means is that some things that are not in a "reasonable" state
  may end up getting disabled for 4.3, to be continued once 4.3 is out

Translations: I will push the latest strings in the next hour or two

Documentation / User Manual / Manual Translations: let's wait for Willem
to be back (I think he said he'd be back on the 28th, but I may be making
this up) and figure out how we want to do that.

With Tomaz out I assume the multi-filter will be delayed to 4.4. The
current filters are marginally useful, I'll have to play with them some
more to understand if I want to keep them or if the things I hate about
them are beyond my ability to fix.

Can you guys get the CCR stuff into a reasonably clean state in the next
couple of weeks? Or should we disable this?

What other things are partly done and likely / unlikely to be finished in
the next two weeks?



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