OSTC Configuration

Anton Lundin glance at acc.umu.se
Mon Oct 27 13:54:56 PDT 2014

Here is the results of my last little project. This stack of patches
adds support for reading and writing the config blocks of the OSTC
All this bit magic was a bit tricky to get right so i wrote some
simulator code for tis to actually be able to test read/write.

There are some blocks in this code that ain't pretty. I kinda ran out of
ideas to try to make it less ugly, so please, if anyone have some
suggestion of sane pattern we could use I'm all ears(eyes?).

There is also some cases where we should care about errors from
libdivecomputer and show them propperly, but thats actually needed for
all the config parts, so i thought i send out these ones and attack that


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