Importing CCR data [was: CCR Testing]

Miika Turkia miika.turkia at
Tue Oct 28 07:56:23 PDT 2014

On Tue, Oct 28, 2014 at 4:00 PM, Paul Sargent <paul.lionseye at>

> Looking at old dives I think most of my problems at the moment are
> really around importing.
>   - Importing from Shearwater Desktop via XML, all my dives are air dives.

Can you provide sample XML with clear description of what is missing/wrong.
Well, if it is only the gas info missing, then that should be quite obvious
without any more info...

>   - Importing from Shearwater Desktop via CSV isn't configurable enough.

Is it about not enough data can be imported? Here again, a sample file and
info on what should be fixed/implemented would be helpful. I just wonder
how much options we can sanely have on the import dialog.

>   - Old logs imported from my OSTC into Subsurface 3.x and brought
>     forward have gas change events in them, but limited information
>     about gasses. Only really matters when I've done OC ascents from a
>     CCR dive (Called 'Bailing out', done in emergencies and training).

I wonder if there is information missing or are the old logs incorrectly

The rest of your input is for others to comment, but I can take a look into

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